work Saturdays

It’s happening for sure. My schedule is changing from 10-7pm M-F to 10-7pm T-F, 1-9:30pm Sat. The flexed Saturday schedule gives me time to go walk with my friend T early, then write with my writer friends that morning, and then to go to yoga across the street from our coffeehouse.

This still sucks A LOT. The boss has said this is not a punishment in any way; just that everyone takes one for the team now and then, and now it’s my turn. Still stupid in the extreme, though I understand where he’s coming from. He did say that it will ONLY be Saturdays, NOT Sundays, because I have personal commitments on Sundays with church. I think he figured out I could pull the religion card if I needed to, or he saw how very upset the thought of not doing church stuff on Sundays made me.

The boss also asked me, point blank, why I’m still falling asleep at my desk. I’m calling Sound Sleep Health and moving my next appointment up. This is RIDONCULOUS.


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