sleeping at work

Sleep apnea diagnosis: mild apnea. Treatment: CPAP machine. Sleeping better? I think so; I feel better when I wake up in the morning.

Unfortunately, I am still falling asleep at my desk at work. Am I bored? Not getting enough sleep, even though I’m pretty sure it’s still better sleep? Not eating right, not exercising enough? Eating too much and not exercising enough??

It’s maddening, and embarrassing when I get caught–which I was just about ten minutes ago. Good thing it was a coworker with an excellent sense of humor, and that the boss isn’t here today. And that my supervisor is still on maternity leave, and the other leads are either in Japan or not on their shift yet for the day. *sigh*

I believe I’m going to have to make some changes in the next few days:
1. Going to bed earlier–like no later than 11pm.
2. Start making coffee at home and drinking it in the car on the way here.
3. Doing some sort of exercise every single morning before I come to work. I have a yoga DVD and a belly workout DVD that are still in their packages from when I bought them a few months ago. And of course there’s yoga at my favorite yoga place every Tuesday morning at 6:15am. It’s definitely time I got off my ass and did that. I know I love it; it’s just a matter of getting out of bed, getting dressed, and getting over there before the sun has woken up for the day.

I also have a follow-up at the apnea clinic sometime soon, I believe. I’ll be telling them about this too, including the results of my getting more sleep and exercise experiments.


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