saturday night laundry–no fever here!

Why am I at home doing laundry on a Saturday night, you ask?

1. I have no clean underwear for tomorrow.

2. Cancelled babysitting job–my friend forgot she asked me, and got someone else to do it. No worries, though; I’m not too sure around her kids, so this is better.

3. My two girl friends with whom I might usually spend a nice, rainy Saturday night are in Hawaii and Wisconsin.

4. I was finishing a costume for another friend of mine, but my eyes are too tired to stitch anymore tonight.

I could say something like “I’m taking the night off from all of my social engagements”, or “I didn’t feel like going clubbing tonight; last night was enough for this weekend.” But truthfully, with neither social engagements nor the desire to go clubbing pretty much ever, I must say that I prefer sitting home doing laundry, watching the Indiana Jones trilogy with my cats, Fatty and Spaz*.

Is there something wrong with me that I would rather stay home? Am I spending my spare time alone too often when I perhaps should be out seeking some companionship of the male persuasion? Do I really want to be spending my Saturday night at home doing laundry with the cats, a movie, and some popcorn?

It’s hard to answer these questions, really. I don’t want to be alone every night; I want to spend time with someone with whom I might have some sort of romantic attachment. But if I don’t have any luck with online dating, I don’t go clubbing or hanging out in random bars, and my friends don’t seem to have anyone with whom they can set me up (believe me, I’ve asked!), how am I supposed to meet someone?

Church isn’t it. The only single men in my church are either in their eighties, cross dressers, or currently going through personal mental issues and an impending divorce. It’s a good thing I’ve got lots of female friends there, including my mom, and that I love being in the choir.

Work doesn’t work. Everyone I work with is either married or way too young to be considered, or they’re geekier than me–and not in a good way. Plus, never date where you work, right? So I’m sort of keeping this rule in check by default. *sigh*

That leaves my friends and their friends. As I’ve said, no one seems to have friends with whom they can set me up–not on a blind date or at a party or even at a bar.

What does all of this mean? It means I’m sitting at home alone on a Saturday night doing laundry, watching movies, and eating popcorn. Now that the popcorn is gone, I need to go switch my laundry around. I hope anyone who reads this is having a more entertaining night than I am. And if you know a guy who’s single and looking, let me know–I’m right here.

*Cat names have been altered to protect the “innocent”. 😉


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