fanfiction again

*sigh* I’m caught again. This time it’s not badly written dreck, however; it’s well-written fiction surrounding the movie(s) and television series titled “Highlander“. I was in the midst of a little cleanup of bookmarks on my phone–mostly the “Supernatural” stuff–when I ran into something I’d seen before, an author I’d seen named Medie (LiveJournal name). I started poking around in her stuff, and found the author who inspired me to write my own fanfic for the first time way back in college. Her name is Rhi, LJ name gryphonrhi, and she wrote one of the most intelligent, completely unapologetic, amazing series involving the often-dread OFC (original female character).

Rhi has been through a couple of different website hosts, some illnesses that stopped her writing, and hundreds of thousands–possibly millions by now–of words within and around the Highlander fanfic world. She wasn’t the first I’d ever read, not by a long shot, but seriously the best. Her work, most of which was written from the early to mid-90’s in this particular series–is still completely readable. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read the series, in fact. It’s my favorite series.

So…still with the fanfic thing. I really just need to quit–again. No time like the present, in fact.


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