workday sanity

When I used to work at a movie theater, sanity involved eating as much of that super-yellow, freshly-popped, butter-coated popcorn between movies as possible. Tiny cups of soda–mostly caffeinated, of course–completed the perfection of every shift.

Sanity while working at the pharmacy entailed being in charge of the in-window. The person at the in-window was usually the most experienced pharmacy technician on in every shift; the in-window tech took in prescriptions, typed them in to the computer, filled the prescriptions with (hopefully) the correct medication, and then passed them on to the pharmacist. Nothing made me more nervous during a shift than having to man the out-window–where the registers and the drive-thru window lived. There was little to no control there; I was completely at the mercy of the patients, the cars, and the telephone.

I get sanity in my current job from listening to music in my headphones, either through my iPod or on my computer, whether it’s streaming online or music I’ve got stored there. Lately it’s been music from Marian Call, SJ Tucker, and Tricky Pixie that keeps me alive and semi-kicking, and working a little bit, too.

My other favorite things for use in maintaining my sanity are writing bits of fiction (which can be hard if we have a lot of work to do), and listening to the latest Star Trek movie. I have the DVD, of course, and it came with a free download copy from iTunes. I can therefore watch it on my computer, and in times when I can’t watch it (like while I’m actually at work), I can listen to it. And I do this all the time!

I tried to watch Labyrinth the other day on my computer as well, but it wouldn’t play on Windows Media Player (missing a codec thing that I won’t pay to download on my work computer) or on my other media player. It was quite disappointing, really, because Labyrinth would be another good one for me to listen to while working–I know it practically by heart, so it wouldn’t take my concentration awa from work.

For the moment, I’ll keep listening to my music, and listening to Star Trek when I need a music break. One of these days, when I no longer work here, I likely won’t have this issue anymore. 🙂


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