weekday confusion, and lack of motivation

When I got home last night, I thought to myself, “Huzzah! It’s Wednesday tomorrow!” Then I remembered that all day long, from the moment I woke up to that very moment, it was actually Monday. Boo.

Subsequently, I went into the house, fed my cats, and laid down on my bed to read “for a bit” instead of doing something constructive–like shredding the reams of paper I’ve been stacking around my room for ages, or vacuuming, or folding the pile of clean clothing sitting outside my closet, or dusting the bookshelves, or turning on the computer and getting some writing done.

I read until at least 12:45am. “For a bit” turned into roughly four hours of my life that I can’t get back. I wasn’t even reading anything particularly good. I was reading mediocre fanfiction on my Crackberry! I’ve noticed before that I tend to get slightly addicted to reading fanfiction, especially on the Crackberry. It cuts into my work, my sleep, my productivity, and my motivation to get up and do something else–ANYTHING else.

The time has come, once again, to cut myself off from the fanfiction on the Crackberry. I just went into the Crackberry web browser and closed the window I’ve kept open to a specific site now for at least two weeks. So now I’m done! 🙂


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